1 thought on “Troubled Mission Won Award!

  1. JOHN– I have read your book and you definitely possess the storyteller’s gift, that wonderful concoction of fact and fable that seems to be alive and headed to someplace. But I had strange feelings peeking into the life of an old friend I had not seen in close to 50 years. Almost instinctively, I thought of how our experiences have converged and diverged, on matters significant and trivial. For instance, many of us have had supervisors who were either threatened by us or just didn’t give a damn about us. But you were out in the middle of nowhere and still struggling with the language and the culture. It must have been excruciating. On a more trivial note, I was at the same concert you were. Joan was pregnant with her son Gabriel . You were right, her radiance and the ambience of Red R. .ocks made it lovely evening. Perhaps the most personal and poignant moment for me came when you revealed your grief when your mother passed. I did not do that when my mother died, much to my shame. My father was charismatic gregarious, needy man who dominated our family. Nobody seemed to notice the quiet Indian women by his side. After several months of behavior that frustrated my family and co-workers, I found someone who helped me realize the importance of my mother in my life and how I am so much like her. And finally I could shed a tear for my mother’s life. Mothers are so important in shielding men from the corrosive aspects of cynicism. But enough of me. I know there are limitations to autobiography, but I enjoyed immensely finding out what you have doing all these years. The book, as they say, is a good read. BRAVO

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