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Book Troubled-Mission

TROUBLED MISSION: Fighting For Love, Spirituality, and Human Rights in Violence-Ridden Peru

J.P. Wagner won the silver Non Fiction Book Award for Trouble Mission early 2016. Learn More >

“A beautiful and touching story of one man’s quest for human rights in spite of the odds. John made a life changing decision to give up a lucrative and successful law practice to help people in a faraway country who needed an advocate in the midst of violence and poverty. An uplifting story!” –  Richard T.

book avaliable at amazon

Baby Boomer Army Brat

A story of a boy who would become a teenage acne-riddled social outcast, and his coming-of-age within the unique subculture of an Army family.
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“I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys reading about this period of time in American, this era that offers so many perspectives and angles that there are gems like this story to still be read. I will be gifting this novel to some of my family members this Christmas!” – Meg

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book avaliable at amazon

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